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Lincoln County Power is a non-profit General Improvement District under the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 318 of Nevada’s state Legislative Act of 1987.

Lincoln County Power District No. 1 History
Lincoln County Power district No. 1 (LCPD) was created in 1935 after the Nevada State Legislature passed an act that provided for the creation of power districts.  Lincoln County’s Board of Commissioners appointed J.H. Buehler, Wilson W. Grubbs, and Arthur W. Thomas to be LCPD’s first Board of Directors.

Once the new Board had created a transmission path to bring power to Lincoln County, it turned its attention to securing the resource.  In 1936, the new District filed an application with the Colorado River Commission of Nevada seeking to purchase electrical energy.  With a newly constructed transmission line and a contract for energy from Hoover Dam, power was ready to flow into Lincoln County for the first time on September 1, 1937.

When power from the Dam began flowing to Lincoln County the District was only serving nine customers.  Today the customer base of the District has diversified away from the original mining operations it initially served and has grown to nearly 1,000 customers.

Much has changed over the past seventy years at the District including the District’s legal status.  In 1970, the District was reorganized under NRS 318 as a General Improvement District.  Presiding over the reorganization at the first meeting of the new Board on July 23, 1970 were William R. Orr, W. Emrys, Richard L. Decker, Joseph D. Wilkin, Harry H. Horlacher, and General Manager/ Secretary George Heidenreich.

For the past seventy years, LCPD has grown and changed.  However, one thing has remained the same, our desire to provide reliable electric service to our customers at the lowest cost possible.


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All of Lincoln County, Nevada excluding the designated service areas of Alamo Power District No. 3, City of Caliente, and Pioche Public Utilities, and including that portion of Clark County, Nevada known as the Coyote Springs LLC annexation described as follows:

Township 13 South, Tange 63 East, MDM, Clark County, Nevada
All of Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 24:
Sections 5, 8 and 17: those portions east of the centerline of US Highway 93; Sections 21, 22, 23, 25 and 26: those portions north of the centerline of Nevada State Highway 168;
Section 20: that portion east of the centerline of US Highway 93 and north of the centerline of Nevada State Highway 168

Township 13 South, Range 64 East, MDM, Clark County, Nevada
Section 6: W1/2;
Section 7: W1/2, W1/2SE1/4;
All of Sections 18 and 19

Section 30: that portion north of the centerline of Nevada State Highway 168


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